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Simon V - Solar Power   12. July 2024
Summer is a good time to recharge your batteries with 'Solar Power'. It's also the name of my new track with driving basslines, hard-hitting drums and a sublime synth that shines.

Dephzac & Simon V - Aurora Bassrealis   24. May 2024
Dephzac from Slovakia and I worked on this new EP for months until the northern lights appeared over Europe - just in time for the release.

Smote & Simon V - First Daylight   15. March 2024
Smote from Slovakia and myself created a track that could brighten your day - with piano, strings, rolling drums and a renegade bassline.

Simon V - Icebreaker (B-complex Remix)   15. December 2023
Twenty years ago, the track 'Icebreaker' became an iconic tune for the German Drum & Bass scene and beyond. Today I present to you a brand new remix by B-complex, which takes the original from the Antarctica to the Wild West. It's part of the '25 Years of Santorin' compilation.

Simon V feat. MC Fava - Mind Prison   03. November 2023
There's always a time in our lives when we want to break free. On this new release, I've teamed up with MC Fava, who sings about the mental prison that holds us back. Have a listen here.

Duo Infernale - Concrete Jungle (Simon V Remix)   21. July 2023
A huge anthem in Germany when it was first released over 20 years ago, Concrete Jungle gets the 2023 heatblast by Simon V, while adding his own vivid touch. The strings rise like the morning sun with vocals to burn through the city. A crisp new beat and moving subs are going to make people dance like a cat on the hot tin roof.

Bomb On The Beach (Bungle Remix)   01. April 2023
Bungle's take on the Simon V classic 'Bomb on the Beach' retains its whimsicality, warmth and contemplative spirit and adds a harder edge. In 2023, Santorin marks its quarter-century anniversary, a huge milestone for the label. To everyone who's been with us on this long journey, we thank you. To everyone who has just discovered us - welcome.

Ambassadors (2023 Remaster)   17. February 2023
This year we're celebrating Santorin Records' 25th anniversary. It begins with the rerelease of the first Ambassadors compilation LP. A much-loved track on the album was my remix of 'When Francis Speaks' by Dutch band Artefact. It's been freshly remastered and is available now for download or streaming.

Heartbeat Drum & Bass - Playlist on Youtube and Spotify   12. January 2023
I've been running a playlist with deep Drum & Bass for some time now. It features music that has transformative power by artists like Seba, Calibre or Smote. Listen to Heartbeat Drum & Bass on Youtube --- also on Spotify --- and Soundcloud.

One More Song   22. July 2022
One more dance, one more drink and 'One More Song'. Simon V and German ska-punk band No Authority, fronted by MC Fava, bring you a life-affirming track for the summer - check it out here.

Simon V Remix of Lunar3   08. July 2022
Lunar3 is a live Drum & Bass band from Leipzig, Germany. It's headed by the ex-guitarist of reggae singer Gentleman. Vocals on 'Different Resonance' by Nora Lyn - Listen to the Simon V Remix here.

2022 Remaster - Sexy German Accent   04. February 2022
My vocal debut album was released three years ago and I've redone the Mastering now with high-end software to make it sound natural and exciting. Listen to 'Sexy German Accent' here.

Ultramarine Mix   27. May 2021
Strange things can happen during Lockdown, I might be turning into a DJ. Here's a new studio mix, 44 minutes of deep Drum & Bass to relax, chill or cook a fine meal.

Speak No Evil   11. February 2021
The Black Forest is in the middle of a Flockdown and here's my coldest tune of the year. 'Speak No Evil' goes darker than you've heard from me lately, with bruising beats that hark back to techstep's heyday.

Rolling with Roland   12. November 2020
Turn the heater up to 11 with fresh music from the studio. 'Rolling with Roland' gets the boogie on with bouncing basslines and funky drums - taking the classic Roland synths into the future.

Mind Prison & Classics Mix   10. September 2020
A new Drum & Bass track is here - my first in five years: 'Mind Prison' is an atmospheric, emotional journey.

Presenting 20 years of my music in one hour, here's the 'Best of Simon V' studio mix. If it sparks any memories from back in the day, I would love to hear your story.

Lustnow (WLW8 Remix)   06. March 2020
The first remix of my German Accent album is here. WLW8 are four veteran producers from Prague and they transported 'Lustnow' into a deep house world. Check out the remix here.

New album and music video   06. September 2019
I'm pleased to announce the album I've been working on for more than 10 years has finally been released. Bringing together electro, dance and Atari elements, it's a submarine in the mainstream and features me as singer and songwriter for the first time. Listen or download the Sexy German Accent album here.

I'm celebrating this release with a new music video, having one (maybe two) drinks at the Etablissement. I would love to hear your feedback!

PS: Drum & Bass fans, don't worry - new music soon

Sexy German Accent EP   26. July 2019
For the past six months I've used a time-machine and worked as an intern at Sierra games. A new episode in the life of Leisure Suit Simon is ready. Ken sent me back to the future with a pixelated music video. Stream or download Simon V - Sexy German Accent here.

Internet Games   28. June 2019
Still can't believe it's truly happening: the first song called "Internet Games" from my upcoming album is released today. I'm singing on it - musically it's Kraftwerk-Reggae: Stream or download here.

One Night album   26. April 2019
Before going into the future, we're visiting the past. My debut album "One Night" from 1998 is released in digital form. Listen on your favourite music site here.

Timeless Drum & Bass playlist   18. October 2018
Two hours of Drum & Bass from the past to present, selected by yours truly. For the lovers of Seba, Calibre and High Contrast. You can listen on Spotify and also listen on YouTube.

Mastering prices updated   23. August 2017
Dollar and Pound prices are dated August 2017. Feel free to use the current conversion rate from Euro.

Stone Creek and Night Sail   04. December 2015
Two tracks from Santorin's Ambassadors 5 compilation: "Stone Creek" is a dreamlike and concrete rocker written with Telmo A. MC Fava sings on "Night Sail", accompanied by a bittersweet riff, floating pads and a waterfall sub. Listen here.

Klangstabil - Isabella's Hochzeit (Simon V Remix)   20. February 2015
Today is my birthday and you get a present: A deep & wide remix of a classic Klangstabil track of the groundbreaking "Straftat gegen das Leben" album from 1997. Download the free MP3 here.

Mobile Music   26. August 2014
Listening to music on the go? The website is ready now for your mobile device with direct audio playback.

Dubstep Mastering Example   24. May 2013
Listen and download a new Dubstep before/after example on my mastering services page.

Future Music Studio   23. March 2013
After more than 10 years with the same setup I decided to go with the future: Minimalizing the studio while improving the quality. Speakers from Neumannn, audio interface from RME and more.

Switch to renewable energy   15. March 2011
The simonv.com webserver and Simon V Home Studios are running on 100% renewable energy now.

New tune preview   24. August 2010
Summer is wonderful - wrote a new tune called "Looking for a good time" with easy drums, floating pads and vocal delights.

Holiday Mastering   20. February 2010
Are you in the mood for a holiday? My new homepage has sun, beach and great music - run into the sea! In case you are wondering what Mastering does to music: here are before -> after examples for you.

Vote for Cloudspotter   11. January 2010
Simon V - Cloudspotter is nominated as best national track at the German Drum'n'Bass awards. Brush up your German skills and vote for me please.

Stand by V   22. December 2009
Here's a Christmas present for you! "Stand by V" features the greatest bassline of all time in a new way: Download MP3 for free

Supernatural II out now on Subsonik Sound   01. December 2009
Whenever I'm in the club, people ask the DJ to play the "Choir tune", others ask for the "Indianerlied", but I call it "Supernatural II".

Mastering tutorial for dance music   21. November 2009
It's time to shine some light on the elusive mastering process, here's a mastering tutorial with audio files, screenshots and settings.

Video for Cloudspotters   27. August 2009
Boris May made a video of those fabulous cloud pictures and added a little surprise.

Free MP3 for you   22. July 2009
Summer is pretty hot in Germany right now, here's a cool refreshing Dubstep tune for you: Simon V & Telmo A - Tukapy (The Great Bass Warrior).

Do you love clouds?   14. May 2009
Send me your favorite selfmade sky photo! I'm putting together a gallery with the best photos from around the world. Full name preferred for credits.

Ocean Drive   27. November 2008
Christmas comes early this year! Here's a free and vocal-driven Drum'n'Bass club tune for your pleasure.

The Rhythm Track   09. September 2008
A good-luck totem on the cover and music sounding like your favourite African tribe, here's my new record: Flute & Rhythm.

Summer sneak preview   22. July 2008
What would you do if you could peek over the shoulder of your favourite producer and hear what he's working on?

Soul Healing   10. March 2008
The 10 years of Santorin celebrations are increasing! To fire up
the party I've remastered a classic track, download "Soul Healing"
as MP3 for free.

Leap year fun and MP3 celebration   29. February 2008
Hope you had a groovy start in 2008! Little updates everywhere on www.simonv.com and 2 new tunes in the first listen section.
To celebrate 10 years of Santorin, here's a free MP3 by young ax.

Santa Klaus in the house   24. December 2007
I hope you're enjoying your short holidays. As a little present for Christmas, simonv.com is an elegant black beauty now. Have a great New Year's Eve and all the best for next year!

Heat Surge   24. September 2007
A new record is here: The Heat Surge EP with Telmo his Between Two Worlds on the other side. As a special bonus, Across The Universe and All By Myself are available for download as part of the Santorin 2003 EP.

Favourite unreleased tunes   06. August 2007
Over the years I've written music that didn't see the light of the day because of label matters. I've put them online for your listening pleasure. If you've been wondering what I've been up to since my last update in March: I'm working on a new vocal album and training my singing.

Releases on: Under Construction, Santorin and Super8Sound   12. November 2006
Out now: Santorin - Supernatural / Return of Tomorrow
Imminent on Santorin: Simon V - Lighthouse / Brooklyn & Simon V - What Do You Want?
Coming on Super8Sound: Santorin - On The Rise / Confidential Thoughts

Digital Christmas   01. November 2006
Digital Christmas officially ends here. It's a complete album.
Burn all 11 tracks on CD and pass it to your friends now.

Rukous   24. October 2006
When young girls take their secret love to the grave, it's time to listen closely.
This month's Digital Christmas guest is Laura Ryhaenen.

After The Rain   24. September 2006
Let the rain wash away your pains and blue clouds will open up with warm rays of light. You feel it's time to move your feet with a holiday beat.

Telmo A. - Saudade   24. August 2006
The famous saudade of the Portuguese is a vague and constant desire for something that does not and probably cannot exist. It's Telmo A. as this month's Digital Christmas guest MP3.

Sundance   24. July 2006
In the hot and lonely deserts of Africa, medicine people of all tribes gathered to find a cure for modern day rock music. They suggested fusing tribal dance rhythms with electronic amplified sounds. Stomp with your feet here.

Pocket Big Band   24. June 2006
Have you seen a Big Band of that size? It's amazing, all used samples fit on a small harddisc and slide easily into your pocket. And with every step you take, the rhythm section keeps stomping.

Where are you going?   23. May 2006
Shoot The Kitten is coming your way. Better stay off the road when she's heading down to your house, 'cause I can tell from here that her nails ain't short.

Digital Christmas: Superlove (RnB)   24. April 2006
Love is in the ear! Here's a funky RnB version of Superlove to increase the summer breeze.

Video: Keep The Faith   09. April 2006
A young woman is lost in a world which awakens by sound.

Digital Christmas: On The Line   24. March 2006
Your MP3 present this time is "On The Line", special late-night driving Hip-Hop to get you home safely. Download now and enjoy.

Tutorials updated   19. March 2006
It's spring-clean in the tutorial section. The Drum Patterns got a complete overhaul with new sounds and files for Reason and Cubase.

Digital Christmas: Karussell   24. February 2006
Your MP3 present this time is "Karussell", which basically translates as Merry-Go-Round, Roundabout or simply Carousel. Saddle your horse and download now.

Digital Christmas: Ghost Message   24. January 2006
An experimental bomb, delivered straight to your peaceful home with the help of the Internet. Download the MP3 "Ghost Message" now. Enjoy and come back every 24th, each month.

Digital Christmas Monthly   24. December 2005
Starting this Xmas, "Digital Christmas Monthly" is an MP3 release for free: every 24th - each month. Straight from the Simon V.aults comes "A New life", orchestral-influenced D'n'B with uplifting vibe.

Also, thanks to every one who voted at Future Music Awards 2005 - Santorin is best national label.

Icebreaker interactive videoclip   05. October 2005
A team from the Rostock technical arts school created an interactive videoclip of "Icebreaker" for the iClip Award 2005. Thank you: Anne Lindemann, Albert Korkis and Alexander Rose.

Dublex Inc. remixed   31. August 2005
On the just released Pulver Rec. 020 - Pulver label compilation you'll find a new version of "She'll stay" feat. Wayne Martin on vocals, remixed by yours truly!

Interviews, features and album in the shops   01. April 2005
My album is available in recordstores now. You can get it directly from the Santorin Online Shop too.

Online interviews and features: drumandbass.de, dnbforum.nl, laut.de, future-music.net, dnbzszene.de, - as well as the following printmags: de-bug, Level 47, Subculture, Cuemix.

Personal pages completely updated   31. January 2005
It's been some time since I had press photos done. You can see sharp & funky pictures, as well as new presstexts on my personal pages. Got Milk?

Exclusive hearing   20. November 2004
The audio part of my album is completely finished now (yes!). Meanwhile I've written many new tunes and some fun stuff inbetween.

Making of Icebreaker   22. September 2004
In my newest tutorial I'm describing in detail the creation process of Icebreaker - including all source files (Kontakt and Cubase). Tutorial available exlusively at Native Instruments, enjoy.

Sampler quality comparison updated   18. August 2004
The controversial sampler anti-aliasing and pitch-shifting comparison is updated with new contenders for the crown. Please welcome the Emulator X, MOTU MachFive and the rebellious VSampler 3.1 to the court.

Music tutorials for Reason and Cubase   07. June 2004
If you're writing music yourself and are interested in Drum'n'Bass, you might find my tutorials useful.

Ambassadors 2 - The Roots'n'Future Collection   16. May 2004
Out now on CD, three Vinyls and MP3! Get it directly from the source. Featuring new Simon V tracks: The gigantic Icebreaker remix and a Finnish Folk fusion.

Reason for Drum'n'Bass   10. November 2003
There's a DnB tutorial with source file on the Propellerheads Germany website written by me. The tune is called "The Traveler" and takes you on an epic rolling journey.

DnB Drum patterns with MP3, MIDI and Kontakt instrument   06. November 2003
Here are the most common Drum'n'Bass drum patterns for learning. The beats in order of apperance (Basic, 2step, Goldie, Swing, Amen, some Simon V patterns, Quadrant 6, Moving 808s, Datalife, Krust, Matrix Cosmic Tree).

Sampler Anti-aliasing comparison updated   26. September 2003
Just when you thought technology got better, take a deep breath and look at the new examples including Native Instruments Kontakt, Emagic EXS24, Propellerheads Reason, Steinberg Halion 2 and FL Studio 4.

Icebreaker (slam edit) and more   01. September 2003
Got some new tunes for you: Icebreaker (slam edit), High Spirits and Keep The Faith.

Discography updated   27. July 2003
My new vinyl release "Icebreaker" is online now (it's my dad on the cover). Also added my take on Franziska her first single, something different.

Cute little updates   18. May 2003
My discography is now complete with all the missing releases that came out lately. You can also get most records at the drumandbass.de shop now.

5 years later, my One Night Album got a little present in form of an 12 minute medley covering the whole CD.

Turntablerocker remixed   25. February 2003
My remix of "Rings", Turntablerocker their latest single, is now available as full-quality MP3 download at amazon.de. Enjoy!

It's good to see you   01. February 2003
2003 started well for me, I've written a lot of music and been involved in various other projects. Hope to put up a couple of MP3s for your pleasure soon. In the meantime, feel free to get a copy of the Ambassadors compilation.

Ambassadors are comin'   29. September 2002
It's been a quiet year release-wise for me, but that's because we've been preparing the Ambassadors compilation on Santorin. It features new tunes by the gang and me, everything on DJ-friendly Vinyl and CD for full home-listening enjoyment. Keep your ears open.

PopKomm in Cologne & Broken Beatz Festival   05. August 2002
Check out the Broken Beatz Festival on the 15. August, opening day of the Popkomm fair in Cologne! All major German players and the Santorin crew at one party. I'll be there from 15.-18. August, write me a line and we'll rock the bar.

Studio update and tunes   29. May 2002
My computer got some friends now, though I didn't upgrade the PC itself - never change a running system. I feel more like solving musical problems instead of technical.
Also started working with vocals and write more tunes for a bigger Santorin project.

2002 Redesign   23. January 2002
Simonv.com is back with a new look for 2002. Start page photography by Marcus Gwiasda. Enjoy the vibe.
Thanks to all the designers helping me out with ideas and inspiration: Alex @ d-realm.net, Ronni @ rnx.de, Simon @ method.com.au, Rob @ intimatepro.com and Steffen @ berlinrepertoire.de.

Beta tunes and Santorin 009   23. November 2001
Added a remix of Artefact's "When Francis speaks" on the Beta page and updated "Ghost message".

My new EP on Santorin (Treasure Island/Looking Back 2001) will be in the shops next week, so don't forget to ask your local record dealer.

Looking Back 2001 and dnbradio.net   25. October 2001
Enjoy the reworked version of "Looking Back 2001". It's taken from my upcoming EP on Santorin.

Noticed the 2 dnbradio.net buttons on my front page? Tune in and rinse out!

Beta tunes and Leipzig adventure   17. October 2001
Working a lot on new music, have a listen to 2 new titles. I'm also in Leipzig on the 19th October at the Distillery. If you want to meet me, drop me a line or watch out for the guy with Santorin T-Shirt.

Popkomm 2001 and necessary holidays   21. August 2001
I've been to Popkomm 2001 last week in Cologne, staying at The Green Mans place. His new album titled "You decide" will be out in October on Combination records - make sure to grab a copy, you won't regret it.
For the coming week, I'm on vacation in Italy, don't expect any emails replies.

Drumandbass.de relaunch   25. April 2001
I helped redesigning and programming www.drumandbass.de. Check out the interactive section.

Survey results published   04. April 2001
Thanks to all my hardcore fans for filling out the survey! The results are quite diverse and should be very interesting for most Internet musicians out there.

Survey results coming up   20. March 2001
70 entries collected so far. I've started to evaluate the results, but a lot of custom answers make things complex :-)

What do you think of the new weekly section? Drop me a line.

You shape the future of simonv.com   24. January 2001
My site has been running for 6 years. I have the feeling that I never asked what you wanted, or what you were looking for, when you hit on simonv.com.

Now is the time: please take part in this short survey, and help making simonv.com a better place.

Bomb on the Beach and Walking   01. December 2000
My christmas presents for you: "Bomb on the beach" and "Walking". Listen here and enjoy.

Australia   21. November 2000
I'll be in Australia from 5. December to 9. January staying with my brother in Melbourne. We're checking out the east coast (Sydney and elsewhere), if you want to meet me there, just mail me.

One Night in Frisco   20. November 2000
My One Night album has been spotted by Tom Blondeau in an underground recordstore in San Francisco.

Remixes   28. October 2000
Available as 12" vinyl on Santorin and as mp3:
Simon V - Rainclouds (Polar vmix)
Simon V - Broken Promise (Cycom remix)

Audio quality comparison   16. September 2000
Different samplers tested with the same method and sample (Buzz, Creamware Pulsar, Modplug Tracker, Reaktor, Soundblaster live, E-mu ESI 4000,Akai S3000 XL and Emu E4x).

Feature on NOW TV   25. July 2000
I've been interviewed for NOW Television, which is an Internet/TV station hybrid. Go to their homepage and click "mp3TV" -> "Band ID" -> "Archive" (at the bottom). There's also a video for the "Hymnus" track.

New tracks: Year 3000 and others   07. July 2000
I'm experimenting with different styles again, just to get a break from only doing Drum'n'Bass music the last year. Check out this Detroit Techno track with a typical Simon V melody.

I noticed that I forgot to mention the release of 3 new tracks last month: "Looking back", "Soul healing" and "Walking". Listen to them on the Singles page.

High-quality reverb and tutorial   10. June 2000
I discovered the Dreampoint webpages a couple of weeks ago when I was looking for a free high-quality reverb. Especially the tutorial on "How To Mix a Pop Song From Scratch" is a great resource for everyone who wants to improve his/her productions skills.

Knowledge review and final word   15. March 2000
Feel free to read the latest review of Santorin 004.

Currently, there's a discussion on the mailing list, covering the topic of "commercial" music. My word on it: Everything, which is made with love and dedication, is going to be a success in the end.

21 years later   20. February 2000
This is one of those days... you know the the story. Let's celebrate my and your existence!

De-bug Portrait   14. February 2000
Santorin rec. and Simon V got featured in the February issue of De-bug.

For producers: tutorial + free samples   16. January 2000
I've written a Tutorial for you how I did the track "Pulse Code". You'll also find all original samples from the track on this page. If you do a a remix, please tell me about it.
As a bonus, I added some free drumloops and bass sound for you.

More music reviews are coming in: read the one from raw42.com.

New MP3 music   10. January 2000
I decided to put up my newest Vinyl EP (Santorin rec. 004) as MP3 Files. Go to the Singles section and listen to "Rainclouds" / "Fruity".

Also updated my studio picture, since I moved to a new house.

Happy new year   02. January 2000
Happy new year my friends! Welcome to Year 100! ... I didn't spot serious year 2000 bugs yet, but actually found some quite funny ones :-)
At least it's going to be exciting on Monday, when everybody starts working again.

Christmas present: Visions exhibition opened   22. December 1999
It's a series of picture covering the topic of visions you have in dreams, which are always quite unclear and fuzzy. So are the pictures - very detailed, but still strange. Go to the Visions exhibition.

URB Magazine   16. December 1999
Quoted from mp3.com: "The editors of URB Magazine, America's number one source for electronic music, recently went diggin' through MP3.com's proverbial crates in search of standouts. Strangely, their results did not reflect the charts as Trance Control and Ghost in the Machine were not chosen among the top 10:
1. Simon V. "Pulse Code"
2. DJ Spooky feat. Freight Elevator

Looking Back   11. December 1999
My track "Looking back" will be released on the upcoming hard:edged compilation in March next year.

Simon V on air   08. November 1999
This Friday, 12.11.1999 from 22:00 - 24:00h CET on HR-XXL Radio station: "Outbreak" - hosted by Bassface Sascha
SANTORIN RECORDS special - Interview and DJ mixset
Guests: Lightwood, Simon V and Telmo A.

Screwdriver released on Mono   04. October 1999
My Drum'n'Bass track "Screwdriver" got a proper net-release on Mono. Feel free to download it from their page or mine. Don't forget to join the Mailing list for further updates.

One Night success on mp3.com   17. September 1999
I released a couple of singles from the One Night album. "Hymnus" and "Pulse Code" have been pole position on www.mp3.com for several weeks in category electronic/drum'n'bass.

"Disco Sperm" released on TDR   01. September 1999
My track "Disco Sperm", as released on Santorin rec, got a re-release as MP3 on Tokyo Dawn Records. It's a mixture between Disco and Drum and Bass.

Popkomm   23. August 1999
I've been to Popkomm in Cologne from Thursday to Sunday (19.-22. August). Visited the Rotation party on Friday at Jugendpark, where most German Drum'n'Bass headz and DJ's were present.

Site History   18. June 1999
One time, my dear friend Matthias Betz asked me why I didn't keep all old versions of my homepage, I had no answer. So I started to look for everything that was left and put it all on one page - the "site history", a new section of my Gallery (which is looking nicer than ever now).

Press and Radio coverage   07. May 1999
DJ Lightwood just got an email from Australia yesterday, and please read what Breakspeare from Perth had to say:
"Wondering if I could get a release date on 'Screwdriver'. After playing 'Pulse Code' out for the last three months I'm dying to hear something new from Simon V. 'Pulse Code' is THE MOST underrated track in '99. ..."

Me, as the ultimate authority in .mp3 issues, got featured in the German Newspaper Reutlinger Generalanzeiger.

I also got told by Doormat that:
"... BBC Radio 1: Mary Ann Hobbes (as I think it was) had the One night album as her album of the week and played a few tracks from it...(which I missed)...I only caught the last one she played that night....Pulse Code...anyway, though you might be interested to know that the UK is taking notice!"

Death of Kemistry   27. April 1999
I just heard of the death of DJ Kemistry (one part of Kemistry & Storm) after a car accident. This is a very sad news for me and probably everybody who heard them play or even talked with them. The Drum'n'Bass scene is loosing a unique person and driving force.

Mekka & Symposium 99   07. April 1999
Last weekend I've been to Mekka & Symposium '99. The time there was stressful but I enjoyed meeting up with friends and that little Evosonic live broadcast via mobile phone :-)

Kemi & Storm at the Depot   07. March 1999
Kemistry & Storm blew my head off at the Depot on Saturday ... the venue was completely packed and overcrowded and they were playing only the ruffest and dirtiest tunes ... as for my new productions, some of the tracks are working good on the dancefloor, but I also have some more home-listening oriented tracks coming up, so look out for some little audio bits soon.

Santorin releases as MP3   15. December 1998
.MP3 files are back on my site, listen to the 2 releases on Santorin in full quality! Oh, before I forget it, there's another poem on the philosophy pages, "on my way home" - for all those who are involved in the nightlife business.
I also redesigned some parts of the site, it should load faster now and be more comfortable to navigate. more good news: my CD will be ready before Christmas!

One Night album announced   18. November 1998
I have created a track called "Helden der Stille" for the Beta Tape, which will be out in December on Megahertz. You can listen to an excerpt by clicking on the Beta link, or look at the picture for this track by clicking on the title. The music itself is very experimental and rough, just right to clean your soul.
My CD project is arriving at it's final stage. The music and artwork is done and will go into production phase soon. I hope that it will be available at the end of December or early January. The CD will be titled one night, released under the name Simon V.

New homepage location   21. September 1998
I have a new homepage location. The Internet Agency 21torr thought that my pages and those of my friends are causing too much traffic, and they were not willing to host them anymore for free. So I had to move...
... back at the Kosmic Free Music Foundation... New address: http://vivid.kosmic.org
The Santorin pages have also been detached from my homepage, the new location is www.santorin.de, before we move to our own domain. I'm sorry for all inconveniences.

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