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Simon V feat. MC Fava - Mind Prison   03. November 2023
There's always a time in our lives when we want to break free. On this new release, I've teamed up with MC Fava, who sings about the mental prison that holds us back. Have a listen here.

Duo Infernale - Concrete Jungle (Simon V Remix)   21. July 2023
A huge anthem in Germany when it was first released over 20 years ago, Concrete Jungle gets the 2023 heatblast by Simon V, while adding his own vivid touch. The strings rise like the morning sun with vocals to burn through the city. A crisp new beat and moving subs are going to make people dance like a cat on the hot tin roof.

Bomb On The Beach (Bungle Remix)   01. April 2023
Bungle's take on the Simon V classic 'Bomb on the Beach' retains its whimsicality, warmth and contemplative spirit and adds a harder edge. In 2023, Santorin marks its quarter-century anniversary, a huge milestone for the label. To everyone who's been with us on this long journey, we thank you. To everyone who has just discovered us - welcome.

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