Drum & Bass for your heart and soul

Making of "Pulse Code" with Cubase

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Download the Drums with percussion and FX


1. Started off with cutting up loops from the Jungle Warfare Sample CD in Soundforge.
2. Created a Soundfont using Vienna, putting the Drums on the MIDI Keyboard
3. Loaded up Cubase to write down the first Drums patterns and experiment with grooves
4. Digging through my sample library for FX samples to add some spice
5. Loaded up Generator, to create the subsonic/sine Bassline which you can hear in the first part of the track
6. Started to work on the main bassline
7. Began shifting around parts to get a sort of basic arrangment
8. Keep working, don't stop


Windows 95 / Cubase VST / Soundforge / Vienna / Generator (called Reaktor now)


Screenshot 1 - Cubase
Full view of the arrangement

Screenshot 2 - Cubase

Screenshot 4 - Generator
Just a sample player and one filter

Screenshot 7 - Cubase
Drums using the Piano Roll