Drum & Bass for your heart and soul

Get your tracks mastered by Simon V

I specialize in mastering dance music since 25 years. You send me your mixdown and I'll do my best to make it sound loud and alive with special attention to bass. Mastering your tracks starts at around 50 EUR, more details below.


Young Wolf Hatchlings - You Lovely You

Klangstabil - Math & Emotion

Before - Download WAV Mixdown

After - Download WAV Master

The track on the album is called 'Beziehungsohr'

Simon V - Cloudspotter

Workflow Details

Masters are returned to you within 3 workdays. Two corrections are inclusive in case you want a different sound. Return format: WAV, 24bit, 44kHz, ask for other formats.

If you're interested in my approach, I wrote a Mastering tutorial for dance music.

Prices per track

1  track50 €       about $54 or £43
2-4  tracks45 €       about $49 or £39
5+  tracks40 €       about $43 or £34

Dollar and Pound prices converted March 2024.
Feel free to use the current conversion rate from Euro.


You can use a service like wetransfer.com or send me a link. No Limiter and some headroom on the audio file please.


Send me an email to: