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Wired 96 in Belgium   08. November 1996
I've been to Belgium from the 1-3 November to Wired 1996. I tried to enter the music competition with "The Mists of Avalon", but unfortunately it didn't make it trough the pre-selections. In my opinion, it's really worth listening to.

Co-operation with Chuck Biscuits   09. October 1996
About 2 months ago Chuck Biscuits gave me a track on which I should give him some feedback on. I like it so much that I instantly started reworking, and remixing it in the end. Go and download the final version of it, released under Mono: "Drop the bass knob"

Back from the states   09. September 1996
A new release is out, it's called "Burning Symbols". Actually, it is a double release and also features a track which is very bad for your health. :-)

I got back from my holidays in the US, and I do feel guilty for:

1. Eating all the bread
2. Drinking all the Pepsi
3. and not mentioning ...

The person who had to deal with me all the time: Mister JARED SPIEGEL!

Aspects of Sound album released   24. June 1996
My first musicdisc called "Aspect of Sound" feautring a variety of different electronic styles.

Newslog started   01. April 1996
I just though it might be about time to keep a little archive...

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