Reason, Cubase and Kontakt tutorials

Drum Patterns

Drum patterns (MIDI, RNS, WAV)

Standard Drum & Bass patterns and classic tracks transcribed

Mastering tutorial

Mastering tutorial for dance music

Audio files, screenshots and how to use software plugins for digital mastering

Reason Tutorial

Reason tutorial - Drum & Bass

Complete Reason file and tutorial with explanations

Music Studio setup

Music Studio Setup

All audio hardware and software I use with explanations

Spectral Waveform Display

Sampler anti-aliasing and pitch-shifting comparison

Covering all common samplers and their pitch-shifting behaviour

Cubase Mixer

Making of "Pulse Code" with Cubase

Work method, screenshots and MP3 files

Get your track mastered by Simon V

You can hire me for mastering your music. Listen to Before/After examples on my mastering page.


Music & tutorials monthly - secret track via email