RME Digicheck at work
SIMON V - Music + Mastering

Reason, Cubase and Kontakt tutorials

Drum Patterns

Drum patterns (MIDI, Reason, WAV)

Standard Drum & Bass patterns and classic tracks transcribed

Mastering tutorial

Mastering tutorial for dance music

Audio files, screenshots and how to use software plugins for digital mastering

Reason Tutorial

Reason tutorial - Drum & Bass

Complete Reason file and tutorial with explanations

Music Studio setup

Music Studio Setup

All audio hardware and software I use with explanations

Spectral Waveform Display

Sampler anti-aliasing and pitch-shifting comparison

Covering all common samplers and their pitch-shifting behaviour

Cubase Mixer

Making of "Pulse Code" with Cubase

Work method, screenshots and MP3 files

Cover of the Icebreaker LP

Making of "Icebreaker" with Kontakt and Cubase

Hosted at native-instruments.com, all source files available