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Because We Can

Because We Can


Keep The Faith feat. Shoot The Kitten

The Outpost

High Spirits

On & Off Superlove feat. Shoot The Kitten

No Time To Cry

Bomb On The Beach

Inner Surface feat. Jojo Mayer

Odysseus feat. The Double Js



Journey's End

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Rinse - June/July 2005: "Possibly the most intuitive album of the year, this album stands out in class and production quality. With tracks that work well enough on the dancefloor or in the bedroom, the depth involved in every tune blows practically everything else in this issue out of the water. [...] Coming right out of left field, "Because We Can" is this year's forerunner for album of the year. I can't see it getting mass amounts of play, but musically-speaking, it's unprecedented."

Released: 31. March 2005 - Label: Santorin (CD, MP3)

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